To apply for permanent residency, you will need:

  • 1. A Visa to enter Paraguay (some nationalities don't require a Visa)
  • 2. Your birth certificate
  • 3. Marriage / divorce / widow / widower certificate (if you have that status)
  • 4. Police report records from your country or the country you been living in for the last 5 years
  • 5. An FBI report (in the case of US Citizens).
  • 6. Our Service Charges USD 7500

These documents have to be issued in the country of origin, legalized at the Foreign Ministry of that country and then legalized at the Paraguayan embassy or consulate in that country.

Once you arrive in Paraguay, these legalized documents are once more legalized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Also your Visa is rechecked (a procedure that takes 24 hours).

Further steps to take in Paraguay: Open a bank account and deposit US $5,000. It's always a good idea to bring a simple bank reference from your local bank and any credit card or other bank documents, etc.

Further documents to be obtained in Paraguay: Medical certificate issued by a certified doctor in Paraguay saying that you are in good health and do not have any contagious diseases (you need to do some blood tests).

A sworn declaration (affidavit) given before a Public Notary in Paraguay saying that you will obey all Paraguayan laws. An Interpol Certificate issued here (in addition to the one you might bring as a US citizen).

A "Life and Residency Certificate" which is issued by the local police. A "Police Certificate for Foreigners", issued by the Police Department. Once we have all papers ready, we file them at the Migration Office. If they don’t find any problems with the papers (so far none of our clients have had any problems), they will grant residency after a minimum 3 month period. Then you apply for a "Cédula de Identidad", which can be obtained in 2 weeks to 1 month.

For the permanent residency application process you should be here for a period of 4-5 working days to get all papers together.

First make sure that all the documents issued in your country are legalized by the Paraguayan consulate there.

After you get residency you apply for a “cédula”, which is the National ID card. We file almost the same documents used for your permanent residency card. Plus, you will need a Residency Certificate, Foreigners Carnet from the Police office, and a legalization of your Interpol report from the Police Headquarters.

So there are two trips: one for residency 4-5 working days and a second trip for your “cedula” ID card of 3-4 working days. You can collect your residency card on your second trip and immediately apply for your ID card.

3 years after being granted permanent residency you can apply for citizenship.

Our fees depend on the individual circumstances. They cover taking you to all the offices, the doctor, the photographer, the laboratory for blood tests, etc.

On average there are 23 different steps required. Also we do the follow-up until your residency is granted.

50% of our fee is paid ADVANCE when we file the request at the Migration Office, i.e. at the end of the application process; the pending 50% is paid after we file the "cédula" (ID card) request.

For the "cédula", we accompany you again and also do the follow-up in order to get it issued.

The Official fees / expenses are additional to our fee and amount to around US$ 1000. (Plan on a reserve of $100). These are rough figures and can change a little since they are charged in local currency.

  • Migration Office Fees
  • for Birth Certificate, Police Report (FBI), legalization at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Translation of Documents: or depending on how many documents
  • Life and Residency Certificate
  • Doctor fees:
  • Lab tests US$
  • Report from the National Police
  • Sworn Declaration
  • Visa Verification
  • Authentication of copies

If you are married / divorced / widower, prices will increase a little because of the certificate that has to be legalized and translated too.

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