The most common method of investment in the Republic of Lithuania is through the Incorporation of a private limited liability company (UAB).

Facts about Private Limited Liability Company – UAB:-

1. Minimum authorized (share) capital must be at least 2,900 Eur.
2. Maximum number of shareholders can be up to 249.
3. Minimum number of shareholders must be at least 1.
4. Liability of shareholders is Limited.
5. Audit is not mandato


A new business registration takes approximately 5-10 business days. Client must provide following details: Shareholders name, surname, living place address in their home country, valid passport copy. Head directors name, surname, living place address in his home country, valid passport copy and from one to three preferred company names to be checked if those names aren’t already registered. After company is registered we will prepare contracts for you to transfer shares to your liability. In this way our organization will take care of all formalities needed to open a new company, including and share capital coverage. Before transferring company shares to the clients we will take out the share capital from the bank account. These services are included in the company formation fee: statutes of company, agreement of establishment, registration in state tax inspectorate, registration address for a company (no hidden annual fees), name of company confirmed in patent bureau, notary services, bank account with Internet banking service, seal of company, other required documentation and legal services. For VAT registration we charge additionally.

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