Would you like to start your business in Europe? Would you like to buy a business in Europe? Would you like to invest in a business in Europe? Would you like to access the European Business Market? Would you like to do ‘Visa Free’ business travel in Europe? If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, You can legally immigrate and start business in Hungary Hungary is a EU member country

If you wish to immigrate to the ‘Hungary’ to start your business, on behalf of you, we will register limited liability company, known as K.f.t (Korlátolt felelosségu társaság) in Hungary. We will prepare and provide ‘necessary documents’ for you to apply for the Residence Permit of Hungary at the Hungarian Embassy in your home country on the basis that you hold a legally ‘registered K.f.t’ in Hungary and would like to move to Hungary to live and do business. We will guide you through the immigration process with understanding and attention to details of your documents and circumstances.

To start your business in Hungary, the company laws do not require you to have large sum of capital, detailed business plan, experience, minimum number of Hungarian citizens to be employed in the business and a Hungarian Citizen to be a ‘Sleeping Partner’ as required in the Middle East and some EU countries. This legal freedom is very important in starting your business in the Europe. No other country in the Europe can provide this freedom other than Hungary.

Hungary offers excellent ‘business opportunities’ in the Central Europe. Hungary has established manufacturing industries, developed infrastructure, low production costs and favourable geographic location in the Europe for fast distribution of product and service. After Hungary’s accession into the EU, many multinational and European companies are starting ‘business operations’ in Hungary. Since 2004, there has been major influx of foreign direct investments into Hungary as the investors appreciate the fall of trade tariffs and quotas. This favourable business climate in Hungary has led to the sound growth of trade between Hungary and the EU countries as well as many Non-EU countries such as China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan.

After obtaining the ‘Hungarian Residence Permit’, you are legally entitled to live and do business in Hungary. With a registered Hungarian company, you can sell goods or provide services to general public, businesses and companies.

You should be prepared to adapt and manage the demands of your new life in a new country. It will help you to enjoy the way of life in Hungary.




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